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Cyber security is one of the biggest issues of recent time, not only for big corporations but also for individuals. Anyone can intrude your system and obtain your personal data if you don’t use proper security methods. World Wide Web is the biggest liability in this regard as it allows billions of system to connect together and increases the chances of intrusion. Sometimes governments don’t allow you to access certain web pages. The best way to resolve all these issues is to alter your identity and no one will be able to hack your system or stop you from accessing certain web pages, virtual private network (VPN) is the finest way to achieve this goal and IPVanish is one of the most popular virtual private network (VPN) service providers.

Why IPVanish

IPVansih is fastest growing service in the market of VPN service because it uses an intelligent algorithm to hide the identity of its users. It just doesn’t change the IP address of the users but makes it look like more than 2.5 billion IP addresses on the internet.  This company has more than 180 servers in 60 different countries and it does not allocate any special server to any of its users to completely secure your identity.  It means you will appear to be using the internet from any of those 60 countries and even company official will not able to identify you. This is the beauty of IPVanish that it secures it users even from its own employees. If you want to ultimate secure and liberated browsing then IPVanish is your product.

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Pricing of IPVanish

The original price of this service is $11.99 per month which is highly competitive as per the quality of service and market role. Currently, the company is offering three packages including monthly, quarterly and annual package. At the original pricing, you will get the quarterly package at $35.97 and annual package at $143.88. But, there is a simple way to get more than 60% discount without going through hectic processes of surveys and quizzes. That simple process includes discount coupon code and we will tell you how to get this code and utilize it in just one click.  If you need cheaper price for VPN service, you can try HideMyAss as well. You can get a HideMyAss coupon code from

How to Acquire Discount Coupon Code

A discount coupon can get you discount from 25% to 65% depending on who is offering you the discount. We are affiliated with the IPVanish and hold the authority to offer the discount to our valued visitors. We can provide the discount as high as 63% if you select the right package.  Last month, thousands of users got the discount for the matchless service of IPVansigh through our coupon code. Now, IPVanish coupon codes for August 2016 have arrived and they are limited in number so hurry up and get your ipvanish coupon code right now and enjoy this incredible service at the lowest rate possible. For the monthly package, you can get the service at $7 which is even lower than the sale price of $10. For the quarterly package, you will get the service in just %18.99 with the discount rate of 48%. For the annual package, you can get the discount up to 63% by paying just $54.59. The discount rate may vary with the time and user due to company policy but surely get the services lower than the sale price through the coupon code.  Our aim is to help people all over the world to increase their cyber security without spending too much money.

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How To Use Discount Coupon Code

The coupon code works only for the time when you pay for the first time, therefore, it is recommended to select the annual package to get the maximum benefit from the coupons. You will have to pay the full fee for the service from the second payment but you can always unsubscribe to the service whenever you want.  To get the discount all you need to do is to click on the IPVanish coupon code button and discounted offer will appear on the official website of the company. You can choose anyone of the given packages as per your need. It is recommended to check the pricing before clicking on coupon code button so that you can confirm the discount by yourself.

IPVansih is continuously updating is security protocols and algorithms to change IP addresses to make sure that you can browse without revealing your identity.   When it comes to internet security and free browsing, people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars but thanks to the company and these codes that you can get ultimate security for just a few bucks. Lots of wealthy computer experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities, politicians, and businessmen use this kind of service to ensure that no one knows about their internet activity because one wrong activity can cause serious reputation issues.   You can even use services of IPVanish for free for 7 days to check the speed of their servers.